FMPD to Launch New Online Public Records Center

To enhance transparency for the public, the Fort Myers Police Department will launch the GovQA’s public records software on the agency website,, today, December 9th, giving easier and faster access to public records.

The software will assist the agency in tracking Public Record Requests across multiple departments and will standardize record processing and fulfillment requests in a timely manner.  It will also assist in better understanding the direct costs associated with records processing.

With this easily accessible web portal, the public will receive complete and accurate records in a reasonable time frame.  It allows the requestor to submit new Public Records requests, track the progress of requests, and receive updates via email.  The requestor can also read any correspondence or notes about specific requests and download electronic record deliverables.

Requestors can continue to contact the Fort Myers Police Department in writing or via the Records Section, but the requests will be tracked internally through the new application. In addition, online payments will soon be accepted for records requests in the near future.

To access the Public Records Center, visit and click on the “Public Records” button in the lower center portion of the home page.