Inaugural Purple Tie Ball raises nearly $50,000 for One Way Out Ministries

Melissa Stahura, Amber Moyer, Lysabeth Edwards, Tiffany Hopper, Scarlett Garcia, Cassie Parke, Willie Wetherly, Amber Stansel

More than 90 community supporters came together for the inaugural Purple Tie Ball event Sept. 28, raising nearly $50,000 for One Way Out Ministries.

The event included live and silent auctions, dinner and entertainment by Carla Del Villaggio, a Barbara Streisand tribute artist.

The inaugural event invited the community to help One Way Out’s ministry of reaching women in rough places, brushing them off in love, and introducing them to a real life with Christ by supporting its signature fundraising event through sponsorship and attendance.

“We are pleased with the awareness and the money raised of this important program that helps women get back on their feet,” said Jeanie Turner, founder of One Way Out Ministries. “We look forward to helping more women regain their footing and find faith.”

Supporting women in One Way Out Ministries means subsidizing costs for every day needs like stable housing, food, health care and hygiene, transportation, mentoring and counseling. The government spends more than $20,000 a year to support basic and emergency requirements for a woman living on the street. One Way Out takes on this expense when a woman comes into the program, also providing additional emotional and spiritual support that women and their families need.

In 20 years, more than 500 women have completed One Way Out’s recovery program, with about 350 of them coming from the sex industry and about 200 of them survivors of sex trafficking.

Help comes in many forms, including praying with those in need, providing meals and clothing each week, or offering a safe haven for months at a time. One Way Out’s reach resonates not only with the individual woman, but her family, friends and support system. For many, One Way Out becomes the only trusted support system they have ever known.

About One Way Out

One Way Out Ministries is 501c3 nonprofit. The Christ-centered organization helps troubled women overcome abuse and addiction and put their lives back together through a year-long program with safe houses in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

The Second Chance upscale resale shop at 12873 S. Cleveland Avenue offers a chance to shop, donate and volunteer. One Way Out is funded entirely by proceeds from the store, private donors and fundraising.

For information, call 239-628-1774, or visit