Royal Shell and Royal Shell Port Sanibel Marina Sponsor Artificial Reef Initiative

Royal Shell and Royal Shell Port Sanibel Marina are sponsoring Ocean Habitats, Inc.’s Thousand Reef Challenge — an effort to rebuild Florida’s living coastline with the installation of artificial reefs. 

On Friday, June 7th, eight miniature reefs will be placed in the water at Port Sanibel Marina — located at the intersection of McGregor Blvd. and Port Comfort Road — to commemorate World Oceans Day on June 8th.

Mini Reefs are 24” x 36” and support over 500 fish and crustaceans per year, hold six to ten large fish all year, hold 20 to 30 panfish, and filter between 25,000 and 35,000 gallons of water per day. This helps improve the marine environment and improves the water quality as the animals on the Mini Reef™ remove plankton from the water.

Ultimately, the Mini Reef develops a community of fish, including grouper, snapper and barracuda, as well as stone crab, shrimp and spiny lobster, in and around it. The Mini Reef is alligator-proof and lasts for ten-plus years.

“Royal Shell and Royal Shell Port Sanibel Marina are proud to rally behind the Thousand Reef Challenge. As a real estate company, Royal Shell handles an array of properties, many of which are surrounded by bodies of water that further enhance the properties’ beauty and make for quality waterfront living. Before we proceed, we must make it our business to protect our coastline with as much passion as we have for real estate,” said Michael Polly, President and Managing Broker.

Ocean Habitats’ Thousand Reef Challenge kicked off last month on Fort Myers Beach. Throughout the summer, the environmental nonprofit will continue to look for sponsors to fund the installation of the remaining Mini Reefs in local waters. For more information, call (800) 674-2593 or visit

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