Quick Reads

Down Through The Years – Jean Sheppard. Her autobiography. Great stories about country music stars and her personal life. Country music fans will love this book. *****

Through Two Doors at Once – Anil Ananthaswany.This book will rattle your brain about quantum physics, mechanics, erasures, theorems, wave & particle photons. **

Media Madness – Howard Kurtz.Former CNN host and journalist gives a good assessment of both the media & President Trump. Lots of factual statements made by both sides. ****

The Sun Does Rise – Anthony Ray Hilton/Lara Love Hardin.Anthony Hinton’s story of being on Alabama’s death row for 30 years while he was innocent. *

Happiness Is A choice – John Leland.Author visited 6 people of the “oldest of the Old” (85+) on a regular basis for 1 year. He documents their feelings & attitudes. ***

The Splintering of The American Mind – William Egginton.An assessment of education at all levels. Calls out the effects of income, liberal arts, Liberal vs. conservative ideas & teaching, private vs. public. ***

Paul Simon-the life Robert Hillburn.A good biography of Paul Simon’s life & music career with & without Art Garfunkel. ****

Ehud Barak – My Country, My Life. His life in Israeli military & politics. Excellent, well written memoir. I don’t agree with a lot of his political views, but this a excellent history of Israel’s military & political actions. *****

Caregiver’s Survial Guide – Robert Yonover & Ellie Crowe.Author’s wife was diagnosed with MS in her early 30’s. Became a quadriplegic & died 19 years later. Reveals details of his care of her & offers some advice on how to cope with the stress. **

Where Did You Get This Number – Anthony Salvanto.CBS director of polls & elections explains how they get information for polls. Boring, put me to sleep every 10 pages. *