Quick Reads

The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind – Barbara K. Lipska/Elaine McArdale. Director of the Human Brain Collection at the National Institute of Mental Health has melanoma (cancer) that has spread to her brain. She loses all recent memory, cognitive skills, & becomes mad. She is finally cured of about 20 brain tumors by radiation & new drugs being tested. ****

Blood Relations – John Greenya. The story of the murder of the Benson family by a brother who planted bombs in their car in Naples, FL in 1985. **

I Love Capitalism – Ken Langone. Autobiography of the co-founder of Home Depot’s. This is a very good story about his life, buying & selling companies, and personal relationships with a lot of names you will recognize. *****

John Wayne Made in America – Ethan Wayne. Everything you wanted to know about John Wayne’s career in movies & life in general. Lots of pictures. ****

Judas – Astrid Hollender. Author is a sister of the man that kidnapped Mr. Heineken, CEO of the brewing company in the Netherlands. She writes about living in a “mafia” type family. Finally, she testifies against her brother, thus the title of the book. Very interesting. ****

How to Change Your Mind – Michael Pollan. This book gets deep into how the brain works with psychedelic drugs – psilocybin, mushrooms, LSD & several others. Their claims are that it is effective in treating depression, cancer, alcoholism, & attitudes about dying, consciousness & transcendence. ***

No Better Friend – No worst Enemy – Jim Proser.The life of General James Mattis. The title was Mattis’ motto & adopted by the Marines. This story is all about his behavior in Afghanistan & Iraq during combat. ****

Fortress America – Elaine Tyler May. Talks about how Americans are “scared,” starting with the cold war, extreme news coverage, 9/11, war on terrorism, scaring children about everything, and the freedoms we give up because of unnecessary fears. **