The Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation Inc. has nominated Amira Fox as Prosecutor of the Year for her work combating and preventing human trafficking.

Fox and her State Attorney’s Office (SAO), 20th Judicial Circuit, focus on the broad view of the realities of human trafficking from investigation to prosecution, with victim support as a top priority. The Southwest Florida Human Trafficking Task Force is co-convened by Fox’s SAO 20th Circuit team and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  They have fostered communication between law enforcement agencies and service providers. There will be a focus on victims having access to the vital services they need to survive, according to a press release.

Fox has supported the human tracking data collection project, developed by the Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation. The State Attorney’s office implemented the project in the 20th Circuit this year, offering to expand human trafficking data collection statewide through partnerships with other judicial circuits.

Data is collected from all agencies that interact with victims of human trafficking. The analyzed information from this system will provide a detailed understanding of the regional level and cross-agency human trafficking activities. This will facilitate an effective regional response developed and implemented, according to a press release.