Update from Lee County Regarding Flood Mitigation Efforts

 New Update from Lee County

 Lee County continues its flood mitigation efforts post-Hurricane Irma

  • Lee County Department of Transportation is re-checking ancillary ditches and pipes to known hot-spot areas. Nine DOT crews are working on ditch maintenance.
  • Stakeholder meetings have occurred for the Initial Flood Assessment Projects, including Villages at County Creek, Citrus Park, City of Bonita Springs, Fort Myers RV Park, The Forest, Lee County Port Authority, The Harborage, Hampton Park, Lehigh Acres Municipal Service Improvement District and Pine Lakes Community Association.
  • Completion for the Initial Flooding Assessment Projects are as follows:
  • Imperial River/ Spring Creek/ Halfway Creek/ Estero River: Field work 80% complete
  • Ten Mile Canal/ Island Park/ Briarcliff/ Six Mile Cypress: Field work 75% complete
  • Orange River/ Hickey Creek/ Bedman Creek: Field work 65% complete
  • Bayshore Creek/ Popash Creek/ Stroud Creek: Field work 75% complete
  • Whiskey Creek/ Villas/ Pine Lake: Field work 75% complete
Initial Flood Assessment Projects are the process by which the county identifies causes and contributing factors to the recent flooding and looking at what can be done to improve drainage on a relatively short-term basis. Local consultants are in the field identifying blocked pipes, culverts, ditches, canals, creeks and streams for clearing. They are also reviewing development permits to determine if they are causing or contributing to the flooding problem. Data from this effort will enable the county to proceed with early activities that will provide relief prior to next rainy season. All of this information will be documented on an interactive website where the public can track progress, participate and share their observations.
To find out which project study area you reside in, visit  www.leegov.com/Irma/flood and scroll down to the interactive flooding assessment map.
Visit www.leegov.com/Irma/flood and enhance the consultants’ data by uploading photos, providing observations, and sharing data. Not a computer person? Call the county’s flood hotline at 239-533-8888. The same two sites can be used to report current flood-related problems, which will help the county address them.
 Lee County Flood Hotline 239-533-8888
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 Visit Lee County’s website at www.leegov.com