Update from Lee County Now Available on Interactive Website

Lee County has launched an interactive website for residents, property owners and businesses concerned about flooding. Lee County Commissioners underscored their resolve to mitigate flood issues and take steps to prevent future flooding. The website is for you to use, share and communicate with the county on this important issue.
 Update regarding Hurricane Irma and flooding issues
BACKGROUND: The county experienced two historic rainstorms in 2017 between the dates of August 25 and September 10. While these two storm events covered a great deal of the county, some areas received more than 20 inches of rain during this short period of time. Rainfall at this intense level coupled with Hurricane Irma’s storm surge exceeded the carrying capacity of our natural and man-made drainage features. Consequently, the county is working on its stormwater system using the multifaceted approach, including both short-term and long-term solutions.
WHAT’S NEW: At the new landing page – www.leegov.com/irma/flood – there are four tools you can use to request help with a flooding situation, track progress in your area and also offer your observations from the rain events so we can convey it to our consultants and Natural Resources staff who are working on flooding issues. The tools include:
1.    A Flooding Request for Action (RFA) form. You can electronically complete the form about what problem or situation you are experiencing in your area. This will help us dispatch crews to assess ongoing and existing problems.
2.    An Observation form. You can share your photos and describe the Aug. 25 and Sept. 10 flood events in your area. These observations will help provide a greater level of detail for consultants and staff as they compile data.
3.    An email distribution list. You can add your name and email address to our database. This ensures you will receive updates on flood mitigation efforts and study results.
4.    The Lee County Flood Hotline. This phone will be staffed during business hours so that people who prefer to not upload or share information on the website have another option.
MORE: The website features a Flooding Observation Interactive Dashboard. That means you can click on a map of your area to see what work the county is performing there, receive a status update on the studies being conducted and see the raw data collected by the consultants.
Please forward this to others in your neighborhoods or share it on your social media channels. Lee County wants to hear from and communicate with those who have flooding concerns. 
Thank you,
Lee County Government
Lee County Flood Hotline 239-533-8888
 Click here to go to the Lee County flooding website