Halloween Safety Reminder from your Police Department

The Police Department reminds drivers to be extra careful while out and about this Halloween night.

Drivers should be vigilant – remember that kids will be out late trying to get that one last piece of candy.  Slow down- This is generally good advice, but especially in the early evening and dusk hours.  Visibility is dramatically reduced in the dusk hours and kids wearing dark-colored costumes will be more difficult to see.  By slowing down, you give yourself extra time to react. 

Cape Coral Police will be out looking for traffic violations such as speeding, careless driving, and DUI.  Remember grown-ups, if you are going to that Halloween party, be sure to use a designated driver, taxi, ride-share, or AAA “Holiday Safe Ride Program” and get home safely.

Trick-or-treaters should also be careful. Children are always at risk because they tend to think less about traffic safety and more about the fun of the night.  That, coupled with costumes that can be hard to see make Halloween safety paramount. 

Here are a few safety tips for a safe and fun Halloween:

  • Children shouldn’t trick-or-treat alone.  A parent or guardian should go along to supervise the fun.
  • Plan a trick-or-treat route ahead of time.  Stick to houses in your neighborhood that you know.  If venturing out beyond your neighborhood, only trick or treat at houses that are well lit.  Take advantage of “Safe Trick-Or-Treat” events in the area.
  • Cross streets only at corners.  Darting across the street in front of cars could end the Halloween festivities.
  • That dark ninja costume or Kylo Ren costume looks great but is hard to see.  Carry a light source with you, like a flashlight or glow stick (Or your lightsaber).
  • Choose costumes that don’t obstruct vision.  We want trick-or-treaters looking out for cars as much as we want drivers looking out for them.  If possible, opt for non-toxic face paint instead of masks.  It looks great and makes it much easier to see.
  • Finally, add reflective material or light up elements (EL wire is inexpensive and easy to install) to a child’s costume and adjust the length of any costume that may cause a child to trip.  It won’t ruin the look of the costume and it may just save your child’s life.