FITNESS THE FUN WAY: What kind of exercise is best for you?

Can’t stick to a fitness regime?

Want to get fit but find it difficult to stay motivated? Ill give you the secret to making exercise easy.

Dreaming of the perfect body? You want to get fit and the motivation is there, but every time you exercise you quickly lose that initial burst of enthusiasm. The reason is simple: you just haven’t found your activity yet!.

Which exercise suits you best?

Motivation may be fickle, so the best way to stick to a consistent fitness regime is to find something you find fun! Try a variety of different workouts, and don’t forget to choose something that’s easy to integrate into your everyday life.

How do you like to train?

Before you decide on a specific activity, ask yourself these questions: do you prefer to exercise alone or in a group? Would you rather be outside in the fresh air, or inside away from the elements? Do you enjoy the spark of competition, or do you prefer to quietly focus on yourself? And most importantly, what are your fitness goals?

Fighting to exhaustion

Looking to let go of the stress of the day? Fight those feelings out with combat sports! Judo, karate and kickboxing are popular options, and are widely available. Martial arts are also excellent for cultivating discipline and balance, and will leave you feeling totally relaxed

Group classes: sweat together!

You’re most motivated in a social setting, whether it’s having an instructor shouting at you to work harder, sweating in group towards a shared goal, or just having others around to shame you into exercise in the first place. From spin to yoga to zumba, the festive atmosphere and pumping music make it feel like a party rather than work.

Play games on a team

Are you more of a team player? Do you prefer playing games to competing against yourself? Then football, basketball and beach volleyball are probably right for you. Playing with friends under the summer sun makes exercise feel like breeze!

Skating for toned legs and butt

Skating — whether on ice or asphalt — is great for the legs. It strengthens joints and builds muscle in the thighs and butt, to keep you burning calories long after your workout is complete! Go with a friend, or pop in some headphones and your favorite music for a groovy solo experience