Finalists for the 1st Annual Woman of Distinction Awards are announced

Over 50 local women have been nominated by others who have personally experienced how much they do every day to help us grow in positive ways. “Cape Coral and Lee County are so blessed!”  Pati Smith, chairman of the Women of Distinction Committee , is referring to the 54 women of Lee County who have been nominated as a Woman of Distinction.  “These women inspire and uplift us.  It’s time to recognize them,” notes Smith.

 “While there are a number of recognition events in Lee County, this is the only one which honors that quiet volunteer, neighbor, businesswoman, health care provider, government service worker or educator who purposely strives to do the right thing for her family and community every single day.  The one most likely to say “I am not doing anything special.”  Yes, you are doing remarkable things for others and we will raise you up on April 7 to recognize your efforts.  Through that, we hope to remind all the rest of us what we are truly capable of,” stated Smith.

Who are these nominees?  A teenage girl who excels in academics, sports, leads others in her Junior ROTC program, and volunteers in community projects like Make-A-Wish.  It’s the retired woman who leads Cape Coral’s ambassador program and shows the newly arrived residents and others all about the workings of the Cape Coral government and services, something she does without recognition or compensation.  It’s also the health care provider who is working so hard to promote healthy living for every community member.  Each of our finalists has a remarkable story to tell – Some of them will be shared on April 7.

“The selection process was difficult because there were so many strong candidates,” according to Stacy Lomonaco, chairman of the Selection Committee.  They represent the best of Cape Coral and Lee County: Lisa Barnes, Dolores Bertollini, Claribel Bocanegra, Christin Collins, Dina Comer, Doris Cortese, Patty Cummings, Sylvia Dorisme, Joyce Easton, Rana Erbrick, Elizabeth Feliciano, Jackie Figueroa, Amira Fox, Ingrid Fuller, Rhonda Gamboa, Andy Grant, Mary Hess, Toni Rae Hurley, Allison Hussey, Sally A. Jackson, Beatrice Jacjuet, Faye Keller, Rosalie ‘Roz’ Lesser, Dionne Lopez, Tiffany Marie, Mary Master, Melissa Meehan, Angela Melvin, LaWanda Mendoza, Linda Minsky, Xiomara Mora, Dr. Carol Nabatoff, Nadege Pierre, Jayne Rechtzigel, Hathor ‘Tory’ Renza, Karen Reynolds Scott, Vanessa Rivera, Joanne Robertson, Robin Dawn Ryan, Sara Ryan, Marjean Sage, Sara Sansone, Jessica Santana, Katharine Shortlidge, Eileen Snider, Karen Spears, Gloria Raso Tate, Shannon Treece, Yajaida Vasquez, Connie Ramos Williams, Marty Wisher, and Dr. Krista Zivkovic.

Our 18 finalists are:

  • Lisa Barnes, Dina Comer, Joyce Easton, Rana Erbrick, Elizabeth Feliciano, Mary Hess, Sally A. Jackson, Rosalie (Roz) Lesser, Melissa Meehan, Xiomara Mora, Dr. Carol Nabatoff, Hathor (Tori) Renza, Robin Dawn Ryan, Marjean Sage, Gloria Raso-Tate, Shannon Treece, Connie Ramos Williams, and Dr. Krista Zivkovic

Six of these women will be named the first Women of Distinction in Lee County on Friday, April 7 at the Lake Kennedy Community Center in Cape Coral.  From that group of extraordinary women, the very first Woman of the Year will be revealed.

Please join us in honoring our finalists as Women of Distinction and the Woman of the Year.  To purchase tickets for this inaugural event, contact Missi Lastra  (786) 339-5790 missimc@me.com) or Pati Smith (307-870-7250, patismith2325@gmail.com)  Help us celebrate these remarkable women of Lee County!